Monique Connell

Monique Connell
“Working in metal allows me to connect with ancient tradition, that of silver-smithing, adornment and talisman. I have always had a love affair with jewellery and so I find it my lucky destiny to bemaking it. I love its beauty, its form, its tactile nature and the fact that it is everlasting and often handed down from one person to another. It is a privilege to be a part of that journey.
In my minds eye I imagine my pieces being dug up hundreds of years from now amidst plastic bags and computer consoles and I smile.
I gather my inspiration from visions, memories, and an appreciation for the beauty and form of my surroundings, including architecture, elements of landscape and natural forms. I am also inspired by ancient cultures… the Celts, the Mayans, the Egyptians, Medieval Europe and Religious Iconography.”




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