Home Perfume

Home Perfume

By Ashley & Co

When you walk in to a room, with an aroma to match the ambiance, it evokes subconscious feelings within. Walk into our home and we aim to induce a feeling of warmth and familiarity. Choose from one of our 6 six signature scents to fit ones mood and attitude.

Please state on your order which flavour scent you want.

Scents available:
Tui & Kahali
Bubbles & Polkadots
Vine & Paisley
Blossom & Gilt

Shipped to the North Island
Price: $78.00
Shipped to the South Island
Price: $78.00
Shipped Overseas


Ashley & Co

Ashley & Co
Committed to creating beautiful and functional products for the home. The challenge: discovering the new old. By utilizing our unique perspectives about art and design, Ashley & Co re-defines traditional household objects and ideas, giving them a contemporary twist. From the packaging to the ingredients, the products produced are both for ones enjoyment and importantly necessary to the completeness of ones home.
Made here, in New Zealand. It's important for us to deliver a quality product we want you, and in turn others, to use in their home. It's part of our story - the collaboration between husband and wife, and the evolution of a product to products.

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