Freshwater Pearl Kina Stack Rings

Freshwater Pearl Kina Stack Rings

By Merielle Estelle

Handcrafted set of 5 sterling silver rings with an assortment of bronze and copper balls, along with a sterling silver kina on one of the rings.

inside diameter 17.5mm

Shipped to the North Island
Price: $230.00
Shipped to the South Island
Price: $230.00
Shipped Overseas


Merielle Estelle

Merielle Estelle
Marielle is passionate about her jewellery and always challenges herself to extend her horizons, to dream up new designs, creating individual and distinctive pieces.

At just 32, she's managed to pack a whole trunk of travelling into her life, and as the bubbly French woman explains, her travelling has been her learning.

"From a young child I have always loved creating things and knew that my direction in life had to be in Art, in making beautiful pieces".
Merielle has had the privilege to share studios of well known jewellers as Peter Mc Kay and Nick Feint. All these experiences allowed her to create an exquisite and distinctive work, combining a French flair with a hint of New Zealand inspiration.

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