Cooks Cove Tolonga Bay

Cooks Cove Tolonga Bay

By Tony Ogle

Historic Cooks Cove here captured in the early glow of a summer sunrise. This enabled me to highlight the stunning natural topography in the hills and to give a wide perspective on the surrounds of the cove. A unique corner of the eastern coast.

This screen print is a "handmade" artwork in its own right; a hand separation for every colour from the original painting is made and transferred onto the screen before hand-printing occurs.

Printed on 100% cotton rag printmaking paper. Acrylic paint or inks are the highest quality and guaranteed for light fastness.

810 x 365mm

Shipped to the North Island
Price: $755.00
Shipped to the South Island
Price: $755.00
Shipped Overseas


Tony Ogle

Tony Ogle is one of New Zealand's most talented and original landscape artists. His prints, in particular his coastal scenes, are notable for their vibrancy and captivating composition. No other New Zealand artist captures the unique allure and beauty of this country's coastal scenes so distinctively.

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