By Rachel Walker

The kākāpō (night parrot) is one of New Zealand’s unique ‘treasures’ with only 126 known surviving birds. It is listed internationally as a critically endangered species. Large, flightless and nocturnal, the kākāpō is an eccentric parrot which can live for decades.

A limited edition watercolour and ink print.

Length 45cm and 37cm wide


Currently Unavailable



Rachel Walker

Rachel Walker
I was created in Napier, New Zealand. A big thank you to my Mother.
When I was fullsized, I captured my Bachelor of Design Degree at Massey University in Wellington. Starting out in textiles, I moved through the arty realms of graphic design, screenprinting, video, and painting, to end up majoring in Illustration.
I have been painting and exhibiting around New Zealand. Also working on developing my style, my knowledge of nature and evolution, researching strange animals, battling with my printer/scanner, and looking for commissions.

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