Kiwiana Tiki

Kiwiana Tiki

By Lester Hall

My Ngati Pakeha Tikis have all been a celebration of being Pakeha in this country. These images say that the Tiki is ubiquitous in all that we do, no matter where we are. They are supposed to be fun, not mockery. They have been created as Kiwiana, that happy style. They say that everything in the World has a little of New Zealand in it and acknowledge that Tiki have a little of every part of the World in them. This one is based on the “sugar skull” styles fo the Day of the Dead culture we are becomeing more aware of. So it is a uses a third party to make the cross cultural statement. While tipping the hat to the plastic Tiki of the tourist trade, my Tikis invite us all to hold a special place in our heart for the nations developing cultural identity. In ancient times it is said they were fertility symbols and still today these motifs represent the fertility of the ethnic mix here in New Zealand. While having humorous overtones they each carry the more serious message that we all are one.

Measures 485x330

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Price: $401.00
Shipped to the South Island
Price: $401.00
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Lester Hall

My name is Lester Hall and I was born Pakeha in Wellington, New Zealand in 1956.
I have painted and studied New Zealand history and Maori/European/Pacific centric artwork all of that time.

I have worked as a design and display technician with the most extensive and important collection of Maori and Pacific artifacts in the World at the Auckland Institute and Museum.
This meant constant interaction with the most noted ethnologists, historians and museum curators in the country.
I consider myself an outsider artist, social commentator first and my art is a vehicle for my thoughts and philosophies and aspirations for my country. My art is a conversation with myself and represents moving thought not static dogma. My prints are not numbered and I change them to reflect or emphasise my thoughts whenever I choose to.

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